18 years mind-boggling writer, Bilal Jirjees Ahmed sharing his views. Interview with mahnur.s.stories!


Interview of this amazing young writer. Bilal writes on very sensitive issues of  society and makes struggle to spring up solutions. All the posts of this teenager have only one purpose, to let the depressed teenagers know that we are all together in this fight, we have  to fight because we are fighters! 

Q-What is your age and what type of topics seek your attention? 
Ans. I’ll turn 19 this May, and a topic that seeks my attention? I’d say people. Our society. I’m hoping to pursue my professional career as a psychologist, it’s something I would truly enjoy.
Q- Were you a writer since childhood or there was some kind of stimulus that triggered your pen?
Ans. I wasn’t even close to being a writer as a kid. How did I start? I’d say loneliness (and some pretty personal stuff that’s not as mainstream as my crush didn’t like me back), during my early years as a teenager. I was absolutely horrible at it too, to be honest with you, because of my pretty weak English skills but it was a good escape and it gave me a little confidence.
Q-What is the role of writer in society developing? 
Ans. I believe it’s huge. I’m not a big writer, I’ve a few hundred people on my account, a very small number of people read what I write, but I believe if I succeed in telling just one person that my friend, I understand life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows but you’re not alone, we’ll fight. This means I accomplished something in life and that matters.
Q-You have been writing on very important issues of society.What is  your aim,why do you write?
Ans. My aim is pretty simple. I just really hope to help in the little ways that I can. And it’s very easy. Give someone a shoulder to cry on, give an ear to someone that wants to vent, spread a smile. c
Q-Could you please share your writing journey with us, How did you start officially as a writer and how you mingle up with your readers?
Ans. I started with zero self esteem and absolutely no confidence. I wrote a quote, showed it to my best friend and deleted it. She’s been an amazing strength. She motivated me to send my work to this page with a million something viewers and they posted my work which gave me quite a boost. I created a couple of different social accounts and I kept sharing my work with people. That’s when I started getting respect and a little recognition. And that truly meant the world.
Q-Do you think today’s generation is directionless?
Ans. A lot of us are directionless. We’ve set our priorities all wrong.
But I don’t blame our people as much as I blame our system. We’re not taught for our careers. The only thing our system wants is A graders and I’m sorry for that. I believe every single one of you holds extreme potential, you truly just need to find yourself.
Q- As a citizen of Pakistan what do you think where we are lacking?
Ans. We’re lacking the ability to listen and to give. I’ll explain.
Listen and understand your differences with someone. Your skin color, accent, religion, caste has nothing to do with the type of person you are. Which gets me to my second point.
Give. We’re an underdevoloped country. You’ll see poverty any way you turn. So give. Give more than you can. Help any way possible.
Q-Your message to youth?
Ans. You don’t need someone to tell you how to lead your life.
Family isn’t always the synonym for love and understanding. You’ll have to get out of your comfort zone and keep yourself first at times.
I went from having no friends to having people look up to me Alhamdolillah. Keep doing what you do.
I have been failing maths and physics from two years now but one paper (or two in this case, haha) is not the end of your life. You will find your way.

Have an amazing year ahead.




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